Blow Mould

Vidrimolde produces blow molds for glass bottles and food containers. Vidrimolde's blow moulds are manufactured with the aid of the most modern equipments and production techniques.

Blank Mould and Baffle

Our clients can order moulds in every kind of material, from cast iron to bronze. All castings come from the best foundries.

Blow Mould and Bottom

Vidrimolde produces blow moulds for all kinds of glass bottles and food containers, from wine bottles to jam flasks.

Blow Mould with Engravings

Vidrimolde has a special neck for engravings, simple or complex. The cutting edge technology allows us to offer quality engravings that catch the eye of any consumer.

Neck Ring and Guide Ring

The neck rings and guide rings from Vidrimolde are produced with the best materials and with the aid of robust equipment that allow to manufacture big quantities of items.

Blank Mould and Baffle

Vidrimolde is specialist in blank moulds. Its a know-how that was tunned throughout the years and it gives them more durability in production.