About us


The decorative glass has always been a part of the daily life around the world, however the crystal glass and decorative glass companies struggle with a problem: there wasn’t a mould producer who could make quality moulds with the required shapes and designs has the trends are constantly changing.

And then Vidrimolde was born, in 1985, to answer their pleads. In the beginning Vidrimolde only supplied the companies in Marinha Grande region but soon it became a reference in Portugal and a while after it began exporting. Its fame spread out due to its technical capability, to the quality of its products and to the close collaboration with its clients.

Later on Vidrimolde entered the moulds for glass containers market and nowadays, with the technological level that has reached, it’s known as one of the main mould suppliers for all kinds of glass producers.


Supplying high quality moulds and accessories to the glass mould industry in an efficient and sustainable way.


To be a leading supplier of moulds and accessories for the packaging glass mould industry in the Iberian and European markets.

To have a global presence and be positioned among the world's largest manufacturers of moulds for glassmoulds, based on pillars such as quality and innovation.


- Satisfying the Customer while respecting all other Stakeholders

- Focus on process innovation, efficiency and sustainability

- Orientation towards the development of technologically advanced solutions

- Responsibility

- Trust


Investing in projects/initiatives aimed at manufacturing moulds and accessories with more efficient and automated processes, taking into account energy and environmental aspects.

Promoting cost reduction in terms of waste generated, seeking to identify more advantageous solutions in terms of the oils to be used in the manufacturing process.

Optimisation of workplaces with a view to minimising OSH risks and improving working conditions.



Vidrimolde mould quality comes from different factors:

  • Strong and reliable equipment adequate to the production demands and technologically advanced that gives the best end results
  • The specialized human resources offer their daily dedication to the response of the client’s requirements
  • All orders go through a strict analysis at the quality department before shipment
  • The latest 3D and modulation software give shape to the required design optimizing the results in close association with the client

 The combination of all these factors was translated into the quality certification ISO 9001:2015 and in our client’s acclamation.

Quality policy